Couples Massage

We use only organic massage oils, safe and beneficial for the skin!

Couples massage is the new thing to do right now in the spa world, but not every spa in the metro Atlanta area offers this unique service.

Despite the words “couples”, lots of pairs choose to get massages together. Besides husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, many girlfriends choose to get massages together as a way to relax while getting pampered for a day.

A couples massage features a full body massage performed on two separate individuals by two different therapists at the same time. The couple relaxes in the same room together, each one getting a relaxing massage while their partner does the same right next to them. This experience is the same rejuvenating, stress-relieving experience of getting a massage, except you share the experience with someone close to you (without having to share the massage therapist, that is)!

Our goal is for you and your partner in the couples massage to feel relaxed and pampered- like being on a vacation without leaving the city! Feel free to bring your own drinks. Many people enjoy sipping a glass of wine, before, during and after their couples massage.


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Why Get a Couples Massage?

If you’ve ever gotten your own massage, you know the experience is the ultimate in terms of relaxation and indulgence. You can truly let go while know that you’re doing something wonderfully healing for your body. A couples massage is all about sharing that experience with someone you care about!

A couples massage is a true expression of intimacy, which is why this service is so popular among lovers. You and your significant other can enjoy a romantic and sensual experience together, while still being pampered and cared for by a professional- no awkwardness of getting a massage from your partner, who has no idea what they’re doing!

Couples Massages for Newcomers

Women sometimes prefer to get a couples massage with their husband or boyfriend, who is somewhat reluctant to try a massage on his own. This can be true for both men and women who have never had a massage before- the experience of being almost nude, and touched by a stranger can be uncomfortable. Nervous newcomers can truly relax and enjoy the experience because they’re right next to someone they’re close to and comfortable with.

Our facility in Doraville, just outside of Atlanta is equipped to provide you and your partner with a relaxing, intimate and wholly enjoyable couples massage. We pamper you and your partner from start to finish and will cater the massage to each of your individual needs.

Since couples massages reserve two therapists instead of one, please call well in advance of your massage so we have enough time to coordinate your session.


Give the Gift of Massage!

Couples massages also make great gifts! Couples massages and a shared spa experience are wonderful gifts because they provide lasting health benefits combined with a memorable experience for the recipients to experience together. Great for wedding and anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day, or even for best friends and mother and daughters! Give the gift of relaxation, rejuvenation and pain relief with a Treat Your Feet Gift Card.

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