Foot Massage

We use only organic massage oils, safe and beneficial for the skin!

Did you know there are over 7,000 nerves in your feet? Foot massage- and foot reflexology- is an ancient art, and a Treat Your Feet speciality!

At Treat Your Feet, we apply principles of reflexology and traditional Chinese medicine to massage and relax the feet while healing the whole body. Most people don’t realize how powerful and therapeutic a foot massage really is until they get a professional foot massage by an expert reflexologist.

What are the benefits of a Foot Massage?

Expert foot massages provide numerous health benefits, especially when done regularly:

  • Stress-relief; stress has serious, negative consequences on overall health
  • Restores energy by removing blockages and restoring balance and alignment
  • Improves circulation and blood flow throughout the entire body
  • Corrects and enforces good posture and body alignment
  • Relief of chronic orthopedic conditions like planar fasciitis


Don’t worry, Treat Your Feet’s signature foot massage is very affordable! Click here to see our hourly rates.

What is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology is an Eastern medical science, using the body’s natural energy, or qi, to heal and increase longevity. Reflexology divides the body into a different zones and reflex areas that center and control the energy, and disperse it throughout the body.

On the feet alone, there are many reflex areas that correspond to other points on the body, for instance the liver, stomach, lungs, etc. Since the foot is a source of so many reflex areas, a reflexology-based foot massage has the ability to affect the entire body and promote overall healing.

Foot Reflexology for Expectant Mothers

Reflexology has long been used to induce labor in expectant mothers who are long overdue. In fact, we see many women at our Doraville location for this purpose!

Due to the sensitive nature of the feet in reflexology, pregnant women are not allowed to receive foot massages unless they are very late in the pregnancy and intend to induce labor. A comprehensive foot massage, administered by an experienced foot reflexologist has the potential to trigger contractions in the pregnant woman, so only expectant mothers ready to give birth may undergo this type of massage.

Treat Your Feet also offers pre-natal and pregnancy body massages for expectant mothers looking for relief from the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of pregnancy.

Foot Massage for Service Workers

If you work in food service, retail, nursing, construction, or any job where you’re on your feet during the day, it’s time to get a foot massage.

Extended periods of standing up day in and day out take a toll on your body. That’s why service workers feel the pain and tension in the lower and upper back, shoulders and neck, and not just the feet and legs. Without regular posture correction and body alignment, prolonged periods of standing up can produce long term health problems like chronic back pain, nerve damage, and inflammation diseases.

Professional waiters know the secret to staying energetic and efficient at their profession: regular foot massages.

If you’ve been standing up at your job for a long time, and plan to continue in the future, the Treat Your Feet Membership is for you. Our monthly members get exclusive discounts on all massage and spa treatments, for just one monthly fee. Say thank you to your feet with a foot massage, twice a month or more! You’ll notice the total body benefits of regular foot massages within just a few weeks. Sign up for the Treat Your Feet Monthly Membership today!
Our Treat Your Feet Signature Foot Massages uses reflexology techniques to give you a great massage, and heal your body. Just like the name, reflexology uses the many, tiny reflex areas in your hands and feet to generate healing within throughout the rest of the body. Reflexology was widely used in ancient China, where it is a cornerstone of Chinese Traditional Medicine today.

Your Treat Your Feet Reflexology massage, will indeed relax you, but will aim to increase circulation throughout your body to ease any conditions or problems in your body. Since a reflexology foot massage only deals with your feet, you’re able to stay fully clothed the entire time!

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative treatment that uses specific touch technique of applying pressure, using your thumb and fingers, to reflex points of the feet and hands. Each foot has over 7,200 nerve endings (reflexes), 26 bones, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles. A typical treatment includes applying pressure to specific reflex points that have relations to each and every organ and all parts of the body. This type of therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally improving your circulation, which reduces your body tension.

Reflexology may seem similar to a massage, but the approach is very different. A massage works on the specific muscles that the therapist touches, with the approach to relax the individual and heal injury or stress by reducing tension. Reflexology works by applying a very specific amount of pressure to a very specific spot on the hand or foot. There is great attention to detail in a reflexology foot massage, because of the many reflex areas and points on the feet and hands.

Give the Gift of Massage!

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