Neuromuscular Therapy

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Neuromuscular Therapy Massage is a massage technique that works to reduce pain by realigning and loosening specific muscles and soft tissue in the body. Pain is caused by problems within the nervous system of our body, closely related to our musculature. Neuromuscular therapy massage works on healing these problems by applying gentle but firm pressure to the specific muscles and parts of the nervous system that are injured and causing the individual pain.

Our massage therapists at Treat Your Feet here in north Atlanta, are experienced in using neuromuscular therapy massage techniques for a variety of conditions. Whether you suffer from poor posture, or have pain from a physical injury, neuromuscular therapy is a great solution for healing your nerves and muscles and reducing pain and stress.

Neuromuscular therapy is beneficial for individuals suffering from pain that has been unresponsive to other types of treatment. Pain in the back, neck, hips and shoulders and or tingling in the arms and legs are signs of stress and problems on the nervous system. Due to problems like, bad posture, injury, age and general muscle tension, stress and painful pressure can be placed upon the nerves. Over time, this pressure can result in chronic pain that is difficult to treat without going to the source of the problem.

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Why is posture so important?

Neuromuscular therapy emphasizes the importance of posture in healing muscle tissue and minimizing pain. Since posture is a reflection of our overall muscle health, neuromuscular massage therapists rely on adjusting the muscles and soft tissue that stand in the way of proper posture. Over time, our bodies become used to a specific way of moving and resting, even if it is unhealthy for us.

Too much time spent sitting is a very common problem these days. Sitting down puts stress and pressure on our glutes and shoulders, and leads to problems with posture, especially in the neck and shoulders. Consistent neuromuscular therapy has been shown to help with complications from “sitting posture”.


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