Pregnancy & Pre-natal Massage

We use only organic massage oils, safe and beneficial for the skin!

Pregnancy is one of the hardest challenges the body can endure. Yet, few women take the time they need to take care of their body during pregnancy. While plenty of rest and relaxation is important, a professional massage can work wonders on relieving the stress and tension that come with so many changes to your body!

The Treat Your Feet Pregnancy and Pre-natal massage is designed specifically for expectant mothers and their bodies. This unique massage will help you relax and de-stress, while focusing on soothing and removing tension from the most painful areas of the pregnant body: back, feet and legs.

Massage helps with many of the most common physical problems of pregnancy, including:

  • Fatigue- massage helps realign the body, boost circulation and reduce areas of bodily stress to increase energy
  • Headaches- many massage techniques can help reduce tension and stress on the back and spine, a common cause of pregnancy headaches
  • Dizziness- massages help improve circulation, a common cause of dizziness in the later trimesters
  • Leg Cramps- focused massage on the calves, thighs and lower back will help to relieve and prevent leg cramps
  • Feet Swelling- intensive foot massaging helps reduce swelling and pain from carrying the heavy load of the unborn baby, we recommend at least a half hour of Treat Your Feet’s signature foot reflexology massage!
  • Body Aches- relaxation massages help to alleviate overall body tension and soothe tire muscles, the main cause of aches and pain
  • Back Pain- emphasis on the back and shoulders during massage helps to relieve the strain on the back, probably the most common complaint of pregnant mothers

We’ll work with you to address your needs during the massage, and any problems that you are experiencing, while taking special care to massage you in a way that’s safe and comfortable for your baby too!


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Give the Gift of Massage!

These massages also make great gifts for baby showers! Pregnancy and pre-natal massages and spa treatments make wonderful gifts for new moms because they provide lasting health benefits combined with a memorable experience for the recipient. Give your friend, wife or family member the gift, rejuvenation and pain relief with a Treat Your Feet Gift Card.

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