Thai Massage

Thai massage is really gaining popularity in the United States, and it is a real treat for those who have never tried it. If you’re looking for a more interactive and rejuvenating massage experience, we highly recommend the Treat Your Feet Thai body massage.

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What is Thai Massage?

A Thai Massage is unlike anything you’ve ever tried, even if you’re accustomed to regular body massages. Thai massage blends principles of acupressure, body alignment, and therapeutic stretching to provide a more movement-focused massage experience than traditional body massage.

Thai body massage gives you the benefits of detoxifying your body and boosting your immune system, while also improving balance and reducing pain, especially in the back. This type of massage is very energizing, and most people feel an increase in energy directly after Thai massage and continuing for many days afterwards.

During your Thai massage, your therapist will move your body into a variety of gentle stretches and poses, sometimes applying pressure or asking you to breathe. Thai body massage uses the principles of reflexology, to realign the body, increase energy flow, and bring about healing by applying the right amount of pressure to specific reflex areas and zones throughout the body.

Since there is no skin to skin contact like in a Swedish style or traditional Western massage, no massage oils are used. Thai massage also features an increased amount of contact with the massage therapist- instead of using the hands to stroke muscles individually, the therapist uses their hands, arms and body to move the individuals body gently through the massage experience.

How to Prepare for a Thai Massage

Think of a Thai massage like a very gentle yoga class. You will need comfortable, loose fitting clothing that allow you to relax while also maintaining room to move around and be flexible.

Make sure you’re comfortable enough with a regular massage, and have a normal range of flexibility. Your thai massage will feature increased contact with your massage therapist, as they guide your body through the experience of opening energy pathways. It is recommended that individuals getting a thai massage do not have limited flexibility, nor do they have an injury or decreased physical stamina that prevents them from being able to properly complete the massage.


Give the Gift of Massage!

Massages also make great gifts! Thai body massages and spa treatments make wonderful gifts because they provide lasting health benefits combined with a memorable experience for the recipient. Give the gift of relaxation, rejuvenation and pain relief with a Treat Your Feet Gift Card.

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