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Many people in the United States are beginning to see the benefits of Thai Massages. If you’ve tried various modalities but are looking for something less conventional and more holistic, you should definitely consider treating yourself to a Thai massage. Treat Your Feet offers the best Thai Massages in town. Our Thai Massages won a 2015 Atlanta Magazine Best Of Award!

What is Thai Massage?

Unlike traditional massage therapy, Thai Massage, which is sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Bodywork, uses very little physical contact. Instead, this treatment applies a holistic approach that focuses on energy, stretching, and posture alignment therapy for a calming experience.

During the massage, our massage therapist has to move your body into various gentle poses and stretches. At times, they may also apply pressure or ask you to breathe. Thai massage therapists do not use any oils since the massage does not involve skin to skin contact. Instead of using hands to strike your muscles individually, they use their arms, hands, and body to move your body gently through the Thai Massage experience.

Why Get a Thai Massage?

As mentioned earlier, a Thai Massage is also referred to as a Thai Yoga Massage because it incorporates the best of yoga. Thai Massages can improve circulation. Likewise, its yoga-like properties bring about maximum energy flow and healing. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of Thai Massages is that it rids your body of harmful toxins while boosting your immune system.

The treatments also aid in correcting internal balance and minimizes back pain. It is an energizing massage and therefore you should expect an increase in energy which continues afterward.

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Preparing for Thai Massage

Thai massage is more like a gentler form of yoga. Therefore, it helps if you wear loose fitting clothes that allow you to relax and feel comfortable to move around during your therapy session. Patients with injuries, who exhibit decreased stamina or anyone who might be unable to complete a full session should avoid Thai massage.

Questions About Thai Massage?

Come see why our Thai Massages are so talked about in Atlanta. We are well-versed in Thai massage and is here to assist you.

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