Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased in person at our store.

Spa and Massage Gift Cards are Great for:

  • Birthdays – Let your friends and family celebrate another year of life with a foot or body massage.
  • Weddings and Anniversaries – Couples massages are a fun and unique way to let couples relax together. Our spa and massage therapists create an intimate and romantic atmosphere and experience for couples of all ages.
  • Holidays – Give a massage on the house on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and even Christmas!
  • Thank You – Do you have clients? Reward their loyalty to your business by getting them a massage!
  • Get Well – Anyone recovering from an illness or injury can appreciate the relaxation and full-body rejuvenation of massage and spa therapy. Our massage therapists are trained in providing customized massages and treatments to reduce pain, tension and symptoms from a variety of conditions and injuries.
Treat Your Feet Massage Gift Card

Give your friends and family in the Atlanta area the ultimate gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and holiday gifts, or whatever. Treat Your Feet Gift Cards can be used for any of our award winning foot massages or body massages.

Give a deep tissue massage to someone recovering from an accident or injury, a gentle and relaxing spa day for someone undergoing intensive medical treatments, or traditional Chinese medicine treatments for those friends and family who are into alternative medicines. If you don’t know what to decide, let them come to our facility and discuss their needs with us! At Treat Your Feet, we make your treatment all about you and will work with you to provide a therapeutic experience that’s right for you.

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