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Neuromuscular therapy is a massage technique that is given in our private massage rooms. This massage loosens and realigns the soft tissues and specific muscle groups in your body, resulting in an effective pain relief. Almost all types of pain begin within the nervous system and in our musculature. Neuromuscular therapy massage applies a firm yet gentle pressure to specific muscle and nervous system locations that are causing pain and discomfort.

Patients who are unresponsive to various pain relief methods and other types of treatment should give neuromuscular therapy a try. If you feel constant pain in your arms, legs, shoulders, hips, neck, or back, this can be a sign of a nervous system in distress. These problems can lead to painful nerve and muscle tensions, a bad back and poor posture, and may escalate into chronic pain if left unattended, which becomes more difficult to treat.

The Importance of Posture

Neuromuscular therapy stresses the importance of having a good posture to minimize pain and bring about optimal healing to damaged tissue. Posture is a direct reflection of our overall health, and neuromuscular massage therapy can correct that by applying soft tissue and muscular adjustments that obstruct proper posture.

Sitting down for prolonged periods can be detrimental to our overall health as it puts too much pressure and stress on our shoulders, glutes, and the neck. Consistent neuromuscular massages can certainly bring about pain relief and undo the damages of constantly sitting down.

TYF Doraville Neuromuscular Massage Reviews

"There is nothing I can say negative about this place. I’ve gone for several different types of massage and they’ve all been wonderful. I will warn anyone getting a neuromuscular massage that they are painful but I felt amazing the next day. And it goes without saying that the foot treatment is stellar. The chairs are comfy, the atmosphere is so relaxing, and the employees are skilled. Will definitely continue coming here and recommending this location!!"

Laura Briscoe

"GREAT PLACE!!! Always clean & worth the money. I got the Neuromuscular Massage to ease the pain from my fibromyalgia. I feel better than I did before I came! That says a lot because I’ve been suffering from pain for a very long time."

Barbara Newbern

Benefits of Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy offers a variety of benefits. In fact, there are several studies where the subjects reported significant reductions in pain. Namely, it is used to treat:

  • Poor Posture
  • Lymphatic Problems
  • Chronic Lower Back Pain
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Nerve Compression or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Anyone suffering from a painful physical injury or poor posture can expect to benefit from this form of therapy.

More Than Just Feet

Treat Your Feet’s massage therapists are located in Doraville, GA. While primarily known for providing amazing foot massages, Treat Your Feet therapists are highly qualified in treating a wide range of conditions with the help of various body massage techniques, including neuromuscular massage. Call us today to learn more about our neuromuscular therapy sessions.

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