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A trigger point is nothing more than a tight band of muscle tissue that triggers pain not just at the source but in other areas of the body, as well.

Since the pain can occur in multiple areas, it can be one of the most excruciating long-term muscle aches you can experience. Furthermore, if left untreated, the pain can cause numbness, tingling, and other discomforts away from the trigger point source.

What Is Trigger Point Massage?

Trigger point massage therapy is also referred to as pressure point massage or body reflexology and is a form of massage that alleviates the source of pain through isolated pressure and release cycles. The patient must actively participate in the massage through deep breathing.

Our massage therapist will sometimes ask the patient to identify the exact location of the pain and may also have them rank the intensity of the pain. Trigger point massages are given in our private massage rooms.

TYF Doraville Trigger Point Massage Review

"Great prices and trigger point massage is incredible! My back pain was reduced after one massage"

Kim Glick

Why Trigger Point Massage?

Trigger points are usually isolated within a particular muscle group. When stimulated, the point can cause pain in other parts of the body. For instance, a trigger point in your back can lead to referral pain in your neck. Alternatively, neck pain can trigger discomfort in your head in the form of a headache; this is why over the counter headache medicine is often ineffective.

Any treatment that fails to address the root causes of pain is incomplete. On the other hand, since pressure point massage directly addresses the source of the problem it’s much more effective.

Is Trigger Point Therapy Painful?

Pressure point massage can sometimes cause discomfort due to the tenderness of these points. However, patients often conclude that the benefits gained from regular trigger point massage sessions are worth the temporary discomfort they may feel as a result of the treatment.

Furthermore, our therapists are trained to administer pressure point therapy in a way that provides optimal comfort and relaxation. Of course, if you do experience discomfort, simply let us know and we’ll make the necessary adjustments.

Trigger Point Massage - The Benefits

A major advantage of body reflexology is that it allows the patient to address chronic pain in multiple regions of the body—with a single treatment. As most patients witness pain reduction after the first visit, it also happens to be one of the more fast-acting pain reduction therapies. Additionally, since trigger point therapy is a natural pain remedy, there are little to no known side effects.

Treatment on a Deeper Level

Treat Your Feet recognizes the inherent strengths of modern and traditional medicine. Indeed, our services embody an appreciation for the old and new; this is why we only use natural oils in our Doraville facility, and it’s also why upon leaving, patients report feeling refreshed – from the inside out.

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