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Deep tissue massages focus on targeting the deepest layers of your muscles. This form of massage is highly effective in relieving chronic aches and pains. Patients who’ve experienced serious muscle or tendon injuries, whether due to sports or any other strenuous physical activities, are encouraged to consider deep tissue massage therapy. Deep tissue massages are given in our private massage rooms.

What Makes Deep Tissue Massage So Popular?

The Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine conducted a study and found that several subjects saw significant drops in blood pressure after a single 60-minute deep tissue massage therapy session (read article).

Deep tissue massage therapy not only heals muscle pain but can also treat other muscle problems while improving range of motion. Apart from chronic pain, muscle pain, and injury rehabilitation, deep tissue massage is also recommended for the following:

  • Limited Mobility
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Posture Problems
  • Osteoarthritis Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Muscle Tension
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

To get the most out of deep tissue massage, it helps to exercise regularly and practice good posture.

TYF Doraville Deep Tissue Massage Reviews

"This place is the epitome of excellent customer service! We went for a couples massage on a Friday night. The process from making the appointment, checking in, and checking out was seamless and hassle-free. I made an appointment online around 1:00 p.m. and it was approved within thirty minutes. We arrived right at our scheduled time and we were escorted to our rooms immediately. The massage was great and the masseuse were friendly and inviting. We got the one hour deep tissue massage and they took their time massaging us. Checkout was smooth and the front desk staff was very nice. The prices are fair and well worth it. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for a massage place. I will be back in the near future! Thank you for providing impeccable service! ✨?"

Tae Cole

"This is a wonderful place for some much needed R&R! On my first visit I tried the $30 hour foot massage...thought I was in love until my Deep Tissue massage tonight - absolutely HEAVEN! Front desk staff busy but friendly and prompt...in the words of Terminator, "I'll Be Back!"☺"

F Andrea

"Let me just say, I don't normally like deep tissue massages but had to suck it up today. So many knots in my back and shoulders, I had to allow the masseuse Paul, to work them out. And boy am I grateful I did...I feel amazing! And got a little nap during the foot massage...winning! I'll be back next week."

Jacqueline Vanloo-Alkush

"Me and my boyfriend has came to Treat your Feet a couple of times already. Mainly for foot massages. In March i booked us a couples deep tissue massage for our anniversary. It was a great experience even tho i left feeling sore.

We really enjoy coming in for foot massages. Being on your feet all day from work, it is something we do together. The last appt we had yesterday, was at 4:30. It happens to be the best foot massage i ever had. When it came time for the head massage, i asked the masseuse to not touch my head or neck. I have thyroid issues and lately it's been acting up. Instead he said to just sit up and he would do my shoulders. When i say he was good, he was truly the best. The only downfall i had was i didn't get his name bc i was prefer him everytime.

I recommend this place to anyone that has pain in their foot or legs. They are open to your suggestions."

Amaly S.

"I love treat your feet. They are always accommodating. I call when I have time and the often say can you be here in 20 minutes. This time I had to wait 3 hours from my phone call to get Ron. He is great for deep tissue and stretching massages. I always leave better able to move."

Maria G

"My experience at Treat Your Feet was a birthday gift from my G'Son. My 1st experience to the deep tissue, full body massage. It was WONDERFUL!"

Sheryl Harris-Dortch

"I was recently gifted a two hour treatment. Absolutely amazing. The first hour is a very thorough feet and leg pampering that will put you to sleep in the comfy recliner. The second hour as private room deep tissue full body massage! Highly recommend and reasonably priced."

Paul Ward

"Combo 1 hour massage and 1 hour foot massage. The body massage was amazing and much needed the atmosphere was relaxing, clean, and the massage was amazing. I have had the foot massage several time was up for trying something different. The deep tissue massage really helped with my pain and got me back right. Treat your feet and your entire body!!!!"

Tracy O.

How Does It Work?

Deep tissue massage uses direct contact with your muscle tissue to apply pressure and break down bands of painful and rigid muscle tissues. Deep tissue massage uses slow and heavy strokes that go against the grain of your muscles.

You may experience slight soreness after your massage. However, it usually subsides after a few days. Your muscles should be relaxed for therapists to reach the deeper musculature.

Experience the Difference at Treat Your Feet

Treat Your Feet only uses organic oils, as they have no side effects and are very beneficial to your skin. Our professional massage therapists, have provided deep tissue massage to people in the Atlanta area for many years and helped relieve people from stiffness that causes pain while also aligning their muscles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no time limit on massages. As long as the requested time period is available, then you can schedule it.


We do not accept insurance. Treat Your Feet Doraville is not a medical facility. Our primary focus is on your comfort and relaxation. If you have any current or new medical conditions, please consult with your doctor first before coming to our facility for a massage. These include, but are not limited to, muscular and skeletal injuries, surgeries, and pregnancies.

For any type of prenatal massage (foot or body), please notify the front staff how many weeks pregnant you are to help us determine the strength of the massage.

Treat Your Feet Doraville shall not be responsible for any personal property or items that are left, lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises.

The guest / patron hereby waives, disclaims, and releases Treat Your Feet Doraville from any and all liability regarding any personal property or items that are left, lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises.