Safe Pregnancy Massages

60 Minutes for Only $80

In order to receive a Prenatal Massage or Foot Massage, you must be past 20 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy represents an exciting new world. However, the joy of bringing a baby into this world also comes with aches and pains. Let Treat Your Feet be an oasis of relaxation, during your pregnancy.

It is important to take care of your body; this is even more necessary when you are expecting, as pregnancy can be physically challenging. In addition to getting plenty of rest and a healthy lifestyle, a professional massage might also help. Namely because of its ability to significantly relieve stress and provide relaxation when you need it the most. Prenatal massages are given in our private massage rooms.

TYF Doraville Prenatal Massage Reviews

"My husband booked me pregnancy massage and it was nice, but once I had my babies I've been back to back. Great experience, nice people."

Tamar Stephens

"The Pregnancy Massage was AMAZING!"

Tanieka Simpson

"This place is wonderful! I am six months pregnant and they took such great care of me. I simply notified them how far along I was and they told my masseur to do lighter pressure on me since I was expecting. They offer a wide range of massages from the common and well known Foot Massage all the way to a Thai Massage. This place is very clean and relaxing! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a way to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. Great for both Ladies and Gents!"

Shannon C.

"Another reason my job is awesome, they sent a bunch of us here as a gift yesterday with champagne and truffles (well, I got Italian soda for me and the baby for a foot massage.I was kind of meh about having someone touch my feet (I have been weird about my feet since I broke one of them in 3 places doing The Crane on Blake B. many years ago but this was heaven. My poor little pregnancy swollen tootsies got treated to 45 minutes of rubbing, and they did a special massage on me since I'm due to pop any day. Instead of some of the reflexology (slapping your feet and hitting them with little hammers they just gave me an extra rubdown. The last 15 minutes we got a face rub we weren't expecting, but I guess that's what they do. Don't do up your face and hair before going here or they might try to rub all your makeup off and fool up your hairdo.For $30 you can't beat this experience, especially if you're the type on your feet all the time. I wish I had known about such a place in my retail days. But I would definitely recommend going here, or even getting someone a gift card for a present. It's pretty amazing."

Nikki K.

The Treat Your Feet Difference

At Treat Your Feet, we cater to your overall wellness. Likewise, we understand that as an expecting mother there may be questions or concerns on your part. But you can rest assured that our trained staff is more than knowledgeable in providing a massage experience that is safe for you and your precious cargo. Additionally, our organic massage oils are safe for your skin and baby.

Furthermore, we’ve designed a pregnancy and prenatal massage that is unique to the needs of moms to be. In addition to facilitating relaxation, our massages can also help with the following pregnancy symptoms:

  • Fatigue – As your body works to develop the nutrients that your baby needs, you’ll likely experience fatigue. However, a prenatal massage can increase your energy by realigning your body, and boosting circulation.
  • Headaches –  The stress that pregnancy puts on your back can lead to in headaches in pregnant women. A massage can target your back and spine to reduce tension and relieve headaches.
  • Dizziness – Dizziness during pregnancy is fairly common. However, since massages tend to help to improve blood circulation, a trip to Treat Your Feet Doraville might offer a reprieve.
  • Leg Cramps – Our massage treatments provide focused attention on your legs and lower back to alleviate leg cramps.
  • Feet Swelling – As your pregnancy progresses, issues stemming from weight gain and poor circulation can cause your feet to swell. Just a single reflexology massage session can eliminate the water retention and ease swelling.
  • Body Aches – Massages can heal the body of its aches and pains. Indulge yourself with a soothing pregnancy massage that targets those sore muscles and body aches.
  • Back Pain – Most pregnant women complain of back pain. Fortunately, our massages are geared towards helping you with this common complaint.

As you prepare and tend to the baby, remember to take care of yourself as well. You can do this and more by taking advantage of prenatal and pregnancy massage.

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At Treat Your Feet, you can choose from a variety of massage treatments delivered by our courteous massage staff in an atmosphere that’s sure to provide healing and relaxation. Call us today and learn more about our prenatal and pregnancy massages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no time limit on massages. As long as the requested time period is available, then you can schedule it.


We do not accept insurance. Treat Your Feet Doraville is not a medical facility. Our primary focus is on your comfort and relaxation. If you have any current or new medical conditions, please consult with your doctor first before coming to our facility for a massage. These include, but are not limited to, muscular and skeletal injuries, surgeries, and pregnancies.

Whether the appointment is for a foot or full body massage, please notify the front staff how many weeks pregnant you are to help us determine the strength of the massage.

Treat Your Feet Doraville shall not be responsible for any personal property or items that are left, lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises.

The guest / patron hereby waives, disclaims, and releases Treat Your Feet Doraville from any and all liability regarding any personal property or items that are left, lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises.